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Industrial Safety

About Us

  • alsalam Factory for Wholesale Supplies, we manufacture clothing for workers in companies, factories, hotels, hospitals and schools.

  • We are distinguished by high precision and excellent quality.

Our advantages

Our factory is one of the best and largest factories in the world of uniforms

We've got

  • Jeans, gabardine, and trousers.

  • Polo t-shirt at the highest level.

  • High quality cotton winter sweatshirt.

  • Overalls for workers.

  • Coat engineers and doctors.

  • Uniforms for hospitals.

  • Uniforms for restaurants.

  • Uniforms for companies.

  • Uniforms for security and guarding companies.

  • Uniforms factories.

  • Uniforms and uniforms for employees.

  • Fully prepared to manufacture and supply any quantities with the finest raw materials, best prices and accuracy of implementation.

  • We offer our valued customers the best materials and the finest designs, and our previous work bears witness to that.

  • It is distinguished from others by the quality of our raw materials and the speed of meeting the demands of our customers. We respect the deadline of delivery. We have been working in the Egyptian market for more than 25 years of success, according to the testimony of our customer


Our impressive portfolio is

 proof of our work

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